Hey Guys, Abhay Here and today I am going to answer a question which has been asked by many of you that Is 360 dirham okay for 1 day in Dubai for one person?

Answer : Yes, 360 dirham is very good earning of 1 day in dubai. If you earns 360 Dirham Per day then, you can make more than 10 thousand Dirham Per Months which is in India is equal to around 2 Lakhs Rupees


Convert 1 Dirham to INR

The rate of Dirhan (AED) changes daily you can check the updates of currency value change on google.
to check the conversion of AED to INR you just have to search "1 AED to INR" after it you will get your answer of your question.

Current price of Dirham (AED) to INR

Currently the price on INR is declining due to this the Price on 1 AED increses.
According to google the todays Conversion on Dirham to INR is 
1 Dirham (AED) is equal to approx. 21.24 INR

What is Dirham ?

Dirham is the currency of United Arab Emirates also known as UAE. Dirham is also know as AED which means Arab Emirates Dirham.